Designing a room to maximize its space and feel is what Teri does best.  She has a fabulous eye for being able to quickly discern design options within a given space in order to meet a client's needs and budget.  It's a unique expertise that Teri brings to the design table.  Teri began her 35-year career in floral design, where she worked not only as a designer, but also as an instructor at one of the top 10 floral shops in the nation.  She now lends her eye for composition, space and color to our ToadnWillow clients.

Lindsay takes pride in her ability to transform spaces by bringing ideas and inspirations to life. With over 8 years of experience, she works creatively with every customer to help them design their dream space.  Her mission is to create interiors with a fresh perspective that uniquely reflect the client's personality and desires. She has a great appreciation for furniture and design. The result enables each individual's style to emerge into a design that will inspire and promote their well-being. Lindsay is passionate about function for the whole family. As a modern mom, she understands the need to express your personal style, but also the need to create a space that works for all ages.



A beautiful, personalized atmosphere is what Laura helps her clients create.  She looks at design that has the power to touch each and every one of the senses, so that a room stands out far beyond just its four walls.  She uses only the finest products and gives her clients the best service possible.  Laura has 30 years of experience in the industry and has worked in all levels of interior and fashion design. After graduating from Bassist College in Oregon with a design degree, she worked for Nike, managed a successful sportswear company, and ran her own design business before taking over the ownership of ToadnWillow.